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3500 & 3500HD Parts FOR SALE / Aluminum 8-Lug dually wheel set $400 (Vermont)
« Last post by ED-NY on April 22, 2019, 10:54:51 PM »
They are 17 inch and for 2015 and newer gm dually (not mine)
Suspension-Brakes-Hydraulics / Re: "THE" kingpin thread...
« Last post by ED-NY on April 21, 2019, 01:17:06 PM »

Finally replaced the passenger side kingpin on my 95, your post helped tremendously.  Used my lathe to make bushing pushers.

Referring to the picture:
Top pusher used to drive bushing "out" of spindle
Second pusher used to "push" bushing (and seals) into spindle

Used reamer to get approx ID
Then used brake cylinder hone to smooth it down
Finally used the "slotted" fiberglass rod on air tool with wet sandpaper to final polish the bushing

Tried using a piston wrist pin via vise grip to hammer the king pin out..worked great. (And kept my hand away from the large hammer)
Man almost a year later this truck is still for sale.  Same one, new ad, same price

Member Projects / Re: HD to be repurposed.
« Last post by RPF207 on March 31, 2019, 06:21:26 PM »
Thanks for the interest Richard. Will share my progress as I go along. I had a little time today to take off the exhaust manifolds, turbo, and upper intake after getting the engine on the stand. So far my luck has continued and after peeking into the exhaust ports I saw that only the drivers rear cylinder showed signs of a coolant leak. This is good news and points towards a good set of heads and block, when that cylinder takes on coolant it was just due to the thin weak spot in the original gasket
Member Projects / Re: HD to be repurposed.
« Last post by someotherguy on March 31, 2019, 05:26:41 PM »
Im not one of the many afraid of a 6.5
Some of us that aren't 6.5td fans aren't necessarily -afraid- of 'em, just annoyed with 'em. :D  Regardless though, both your projects sound pretty cool.  Interested in seeing the progress on not just the rat rod but also the 6.5td swap into the squarebody!  Bring on the details and pics.

Member Projects / Re: HD to be repurposed.
« Last post by RPF207 on March 28, 2019, 12:35:27 PM »
Truck looks great Ed! A 1930 Chevy two door sedan (Chevy version of the model a ďTudorĒ) is what id like to look into more for a body on the rat. My wife was gifted a 1931 model A Tudor that needs to be put back together, she asked if I wanted to use it for the Rat but I just couldnít chop up a nice whole Model A that her father gave to her plus Iím not huge of mixing Chevy and ford parts. Iíll have to check out that Killbillet.

Iím also considering swapping the DS4 out on the 6.5 and put a db2 mechanical injection pump to give it the same simple taste the V30 has.
Member Projects / Re: HD to be repurposed.
« Last post by ED-NY on March 27, 2019, 11:12:09 PM »
Not sure where you are going with the Rat Rod....but I am a member of Killbillet, here is a link:
Member Projects / Re: HD to be repurposed.
« Last post by ED-NY on March 27, 2019, 10:57:19 PM »
I kinda started the same way...bought a 95 SWB 3500HD with 6.5 and NV4500. Sold the body and 6.5.  Found a nice basically rust free 1994 2500 4x4 truck in Vermont and installed the 94 body on the 3500HD chassis.  I then installed a SBC 350 (with NV4500) and installed a TPI setup on the engine.  Made the dump bed with pressure treated deck.  My last truck had a steel deck which I really thought was too slippery for loads.

Just installed the wheel simulators today.

BTW: Have both a 33 and 34 Chevy coupes....hope to have the 33 5W coupe on the road this year.  Chopped 2.5", stretched 3", channeled 5" etc.  SBC with TPI.  The 34 3W coupe is on the road.
Member Projects / HD to be repurposed.
« Last post by RPF207 on March 27, 2019, 07:42:50 PM »
Figured Iíd share my plans of an 1995 159.5Ē 6.5 nv4500 HD I recently bought.

All body panels are rust free and to be sold. The 6.5 had possible bad head gaskets with 105,000 miles on the engine. The HD is completely apart, body off, driveline out, bed sold, chassis rolled aside.

Im not one of the many afraid of a 6.5 and was excited to find it was a 929 block which were known for almost no issues. Itís on a stand right now and I will be repairing the head gaskets and making some upgrades along the way. The 6.5 will go into an Ď89 v30 (k30) reg cab dually thatís been awaiting a more fuel efficient engine rather than the 454tbi (8 mpg). The v30 is a manual and I will be putting a flat bed on it, hope to drive it very often and get 18mpg out of it.

The rolling chassis will be repurposed into a rat rod Iíve always wanted to build. Wonít be too ratty, Iím more of a make it look factory kinda guy. Wonít say much more about that build except itís going to make a big impression with a never before seen set up.
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